Why buy a new home in Parker, CO?

It’s a better choice than a resale home anywhere else

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Buying a home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. It’s a purchase that most of us will consider carefully and research diligently, and one of the biggest questions will be whether to buy a new construction home or a resale home.

The benefits of buying new are plentiful. Likewise, the risks of buying resale are abundant, too. Especially when it comes to the market in Parker, CO, the new homes for sale are a far better choice for the modern home buyer.

Here’s why.


Save money on repairs (because there aren’t any).

You might be able to find a resale home for a lower price than a new home for sale in Parker, CO, but it can be nearly impossible to estimate what kind of money you will have to pour into the house after you’ve bought it.

Every resale home will have experienced different wear and tear, and even a thorough inspection doesn’t catch everything. Even small fixes can add up – a leaky faucet can cost more than $300 to repair in some cases!

With a new construction home, not only do you benefit from a warranty, but you usually have at least a decade before you need to worry about home repairs like replacing the hot water heater or the garage doors.

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When purchasing a resale home, here are the average costs you can expect for major and minor repairs:
  • Replacing Average Shingled Roof – Upwards of $7,000
  • Replacing Hot Water Heater – $2,000 to $3,000
  • Replacing Furnace – $3,000 to $9,000
  • New Garage Door Opener – $700 to $1500+
  • Fresh Exterior Painting – $3,000+
  • Fresh Interior Painting – $1,700 to $3,500+
  • New Carpet – $3 to $5 per square foot
It all adds up! And quickly.

Speaking of saving money, you’ll save on utilities, too!

The improved energy efficiency of a new, modern home cannot be overstated. The green building industry is a rapidly evolving space, and even a home built just a few years ago has outdated technology and quality.

A new home is going to be built to the most recent codes and standards, making it not only more healthy, safe, and comfortable, but also easier on the wallet.

When you’re shopping for a new home, keep your eyes open for these symbols that can mean better air quality, energy-saving appliances, healthier materials, and water savings.

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New homes let you personalize your space from the start.

With a new home, you don’t have to put up with that awful 90’s bathroom tile, clashing or dark paint colors, or dated carpet in the living room. A new home is going to provide ample opportunity for you to specify your style for everything from paint colors and countertops to cabinets and light fixtures.

New homes for sale in Parker come in a variety of floor plans that allow you to collaborate with the builder for personalization, so you’re getting exactly what you want – not settling for a home that’s just “okay.”

It’s like your blank slate to create your own haven from the start. No walls to rip out. No wallpaper to tear down. And the new home builders, like our three acclaimed builders at Looking Glass, have it down to a science. They’ll guide you through the whole process to make sure selections are made on time and your home keeps chugging along.

The way these home builders work, too, offers a lot to choose from that’s ready to go if personalization isn’t your thing. Available homes come finished and ready for you to fill the space and make it yours in your own way.

Take a peek at what new homes are available now in Looking Glass.

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New homes are made for modern people (and families).

Trends have changed, and even if you don’t consider yourself on the cutting edge of style, your home’s design will matter for how your family moves within it.
Modern-day homeowners have different needs than they did even a decade ago and modern-day builders are designing new homes to respond to those needs:

Home offices • Playrooms • Fireplaces • Increased storage
More functional kitchens • Ample bathrooms • Dynamic outdoor spaces

These are some of the design benefits that come with a new home that you won’t find as easily in a resale home.


A community designed to meet your needs (and then some).

In the same way home design has changed dramatically, communities have, too.

Most home buyers these days want convenience, safety, good schools and walkability. Because modern-day master planned communities are responsive to these needs, you’ll find the amenities you want when you buy a new home.

Nature trails to meander on any given day. Brand-new parks designed for how people use them best. And a good location that’s ripe for more: more shopping, more places to get your errands done, quickly, and more of what buyers need nearby.

Getting in early enough with your new home search often allows you to be picky about the home’s location within the community. Like that perfect lot across from the park and playground. Or a corner lot (that may cost more) with more outdoor space and enhanced landscaping.

At Looking Glass, the community design offers green spaces and open spaces within a stone’s throw of every home. Like the intentionally-selected, smaller parks dotted throughout The Fields. Or the swaths of open space and nature trails that connect our first three neighborhoods. Anywhere you choose to live in Looking Glass is a good choice.

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Buying a new home is the right decision.

You might think your budget doesn’t allow for a new home, but purchasing a resale home likely means you’re kicking the can down the road as far as costs.

New homes allow for a level of choice, peace of mind, and personalization that will pay dividends in the future. Your future is worth investing in, so come explore the new homes for sale in Parker, CO.

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