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Paying homage and looking forward.

Pride in neighborhood.

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Explore the first neighborhoods of Looking Glass. See how the land has created its own places for residents to call their own. Topography that is emblematic of our locale made even better by twisting trails that pour into geographically unique parks. This is just the beginning. And what’s just over the horizon will complement and elevate what’s already here.

Looking Glass – Parker, CO - Location Map
The Fields

Defined by its four neighborhood parks, The Fields pays homage to the character-rich native plant life, and the rising and falling hills of Parker, Colorado. It’s the playfields and trails that make the perfect tail wagging, nature-loving, toes-in-the-grass kind of days.

The Ridge

Iconic in its unique location and setting among Looking Glass’ legendary land. The Ridge is situated perfectly to take in the natural beauty of its expansive open space adjoining its Gambel Park, and its one-of-a-kind vistas that create moments made just for you.

Reserve Image - mobile The Reserve

This is our testament to the land and all of its intrinsic benefits. Where the best of nature and the best of times are just ahead. The Reserve is an expansive neighborhood for a variety of families seeking the golden pastures and undulating gulches that reside just next door.