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The Best Part of the Year: Spring and Summer in Parker, Colorado

Spring has stepped on the Colorado scene with its usual panache, and with summer just around the corner, Parker is the best place to experience this season of warming and blooming.

The warm weather of spring and summer brings out the best in Parker’s expansive Colorado landscape, with blossoming foliage and sunny days that beg you to roam freely outside.

This time of year provides the ideal climate for all of your favorite outdoor adventures, from hiking to mountain biking to simply enjoying a picnic with friends and family. Whatever you choose to do with the precious days of spring and summer, the Looking Glass community in Parker is the place to do it.

spring flowers in Parker, CO

The Uplifting Colors of Spring at Looking Glass

In Parker, spring and summer are not just seasons; they’re an invitation to savor the beauty and bounty of nature. Springtime is a visual delight, as plants that have enjoyed the bounty of moisture from snowmelt come forth in a riot of bright color. Looking Glass makes the most of Colorado’s gorgeous native plants, with curated landscaping of delicate wildflowers like castilleja (painted cup), bluebells, and lupines. The surrounding meadows sway gently in the breeze, giving the appearance of a rolling golden sea dotted with clusters of blue and red.

As spring transitions into summer, a new wave of blooms takes center stage — be on the lookout for sunflowers, asters, coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, and, of course, Colorado’s state flower, the blue columbine. A vista painted in shades of purple, pink, and gold is a backdrop worthy of the perfect weather, and all the memorable experiences that will be made in this legendary place.

Cycling on the trails at Looking Glass

Spring and Summer in Parker Means Trail Time Perfection

These warmer seasons are perhaps the best time to explore Parker’s network of trails. The mountains hold on to cool weather, making mornings and evenings perfect for running or longer treks. While temps might climb in the middle of the day during summer, this can be the perfect time to explore higher elevation environments that will keep a windy chill. On particularly warm days, Parker offers a number of forested trails where the green canopy provides shady relief.

Spring and summer in Parker also mean an increase in wildlife activity — the animals like this great weather, too! Keep an eye out for grazing deer and rabbits, or even an elusive coyote or fox, as you explore. And keep your eyes to the sky — Colorado’s majestic birds of prey will be soaring above you all summer long. Wildlife sightings are most likely at dawn and dusk, which are also the coolest parts of the day. Make the most of your mornings and evenings.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, there’s a trail in Parker suited to every skill level and preference — many of which are connected to Looking Glass. Enjoy this special season in the way that works for you.

This June: Welcome to Looking Glass

Parker shows off in the spring and summer, so it’s the perfect time to welcome you to Looking Glass, Parker’s newest neighborhood. In June, we invite you to a dynamic event in which you can explore the community, enjoy fun and fellowship, and tour some of the stunning model homes at Looking Glass.

Taylor Morrison welcomes visitors to tour multiple homes in each of its three collections, including the two-story Columbine plan in the Destination Collection; the Evergreen and Marble plans in the City Collection; and its best-selling Hayden II plan in the Town Collection.

You’ll also have the opportunity to tour expansive model homes by D.R. Horton, including the Bridgeport and Holcombe plans, as well as model homes in Lennar’s Monarch Collection at Looking Glass.

These fine homes are designed to highlight and celebrate the landscape at Looking Glass. They merge seamlessly with the native environment, creating a sense of permanency and history in a place that’s new. At every turn, Looking Glass invites you to write the next chapter of your story.

Come see for yourself.