Looking Glass Trails

Looking Glass Embodies the Best of Parker, Colorado as a Forward-Looking New Homes Community

Community means being a part of something, and at Looking Glass, you’re a part of something legendary.

Parker, Colorado is a town with deep Western pride. The land here holds profound history, from the free-range bison that roamed these slopes to the ranchers that settled here. Now, the Looking Glass community is a continuation of this history: a place that is new, but also familiar. A place where you can build a home, as so many have done before you. A place where you belong to something bigger.

Parker, CO: Romantic Colorado at Its Best

Parker is a shining example of what people love about Colorado. Nestled in beautiful southern Colorado, near the quaint town of Castle Rock and just 20 miles from the convenience and bustle of Denver, Parker is the nostalgic town that everyone wishes they grew up in.

Denver Tech Center, with its wealth of jobs, is easily accessible from Parker. This proximity allows for a city salary with the dreamy country lifestyle.

Like many Colorado towns, Parker can trace its history back to the Gold Rush. Around 1862, a man named Alfred Butters built a one-room structure near Parker that served as a post office. He called his little waystation Pine Grove.

The building eventually landed in the hands of Mr. and Mrs. George Long, who moved it to current-day Parker and called it the 20-Mile House (in reference to its distance from Denver).

The 20-Mile House grew significantly in the 1870s and 1880s under the ownership of James Parker, gaining a mercantile store, a blacksmith, a schoolhouse and, in 1887, establishing the present-day Parker Cemetery.

Many of the early families that settled in Parker were Scandinavian, operating dairy farms, cattle farms and horse farms. When the town of Parker was incorporated in 1981, it was just one square mile with a population of 300. Now, the town boasts 22 square miles and a population of over 60,000.

The rural lifestyle is alive and well in Parker, with all the bucolic, romantic benefits of country living and none of the drawbacks.

Looking Glass: A New Community That’s Always Been Here

Looking Glass is a community built upon authenticity, respect for the land, and reverence for history.

Situated on beautiful, rolling open space, where the ranching spirit is alive and well, the community’s design highlights this precious land rather than working against it. With miles of trails, swaths of grassy land, and parks ripe with native plant life, Looking Glass is designed to be in harmony with the natural world – just as it always has been.

Native and naturalized landscaping conserves our resources while offering a lush outdoors that feels like home. There are manicured lawns and park spaces to lounge, exercise, compete and play fetch. And there’s plenty of open space in any direction so your walks feel otherworldly. Even amidst the new generation of new homes.

New Homes That Embody the Spirit of Parker, CO

Just as the Looking Glass community has been designed to flow with the land it’s built upon, so the builders at Looking Glass have designed homes that fit seamlessly into the natural setting.

The designs are responsive and naturalized, utilizing natural materials like stone and wood to make your home feel like a part of the landscape rather than a modern structure that opposes it. These new homes in Parker strike a perfect balance between modern craft and time-honored tradition.

All three builders – Lennar, Taylor Morrison, and DR Horton – currently have model homes open at Looking Glass, so you can see what life would look like for you in this Parker community.

These nationally-respected builders are masters of their craft and take pride in what they build – another homage to the legacy of Parker’s hardworking, honorable cattle ranchers. These homes are their legacy, and there is no room here for anything less-than, anything other than the best.

See it for yourself this weekend while the weather’s warm. Get your bearings, then get directions.